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Monday, 30 Jul 18

Hitchki - A fine dine in Mumbai

This place is what I had been waiting to visit during my trip to Mumbai, just for its instagramble picture perfect images. But the food was also too good.. Read on to know more

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Tuesday, 31 Jul, 05:29 AM

Banofee bomb is my favourite ❤️

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Ghazala Naseem

Thursday, 02 Aug, 10:56 AM

Boot shaped glass is something new and different, the dessert also seems good.

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Thursday, 02 Aug, 01:22 PM

Loved this post... all the food names are new to me! I am not that much foodie but I love mocktails and deserts. Candy floss is so well embellished and the boot shaped one is just wow! I thought you would share the image of tat purple wall too :)

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siddhi palande

Thursday, 02 Aug, 04:23 PM

Bootilicious sounds delicious. I am sure to visit this place soon. I love the ambiance and I trust your word on it.

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Neha Tambe

Thursday, 02 Aug, 05:33 PM

I loved the way Baratiyo ka swagat is presented. I am sure it must have tasted heavenly.

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Priyal Poddar

Thursday, 02 Aug, 06:04 PM

Wow all the dishes are mouthwatering and the presentations are just awesome, how can I forget to mention about mocktails :-) And bhut jholakia is from my state,its good to read about it

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Akanksha Goel

Thursday, 02 Aug, 06:44 PM

As you said , the restaurant is Instagramable and picturesque I totally agree with you on that. I would love them to expand to Delhi as well.

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Thursday, 02 Aug, 07:58 PM

omg that bootleg glass is my favvv out of all and that desert.. I love the drama in my dishes and this seems like a place made fr me

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Jhilmil D Saha

Thursday, 02 Aug, 08:38 PM

Hitchki is been applauded by everyone and being in Powai, I think its high time I should visit the place. Baratiyo ka swagat is the most interesting looking dessert.

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Rohini James

Thursday, 02 Aug, 09:42 PM

Purni, what amazing pictures.. Feel like stepping into the pictures and eating it all. I also have been wanting to visit Hitchki for some time now.

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Thursday, 02 Aug, 10:06 PM

loved the quirky names of the dishes. also, what I really liked was the different combination of foods like Yakitori donburi. if i had to try something, I would love to try - Bhut jolokia wings and rings. can't wait!

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Thursday, 02 Aug, 10:23 PM

Looks like amazing place with yummy food and beautiful ambience. Next time when I visit Mumbai I will visit here.

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Thursday, 02 Aug, 11:31 PM

How cute are the names they come up with these days for various dishes. Absolutely lovely pics as well Purni

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Monday, 06 Aug, 06:31 PM

Omg I'm drooling over the desserts. Firstly the presentation caught my eye and the quirky names for each dish. My fav being Bhartiyo Ka swag at.

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